Five Reasons Women Are Taking The Lead In Financial Planning

Aug 14, 2017Interesting Articles, Women In Wealth Management

Below is an excerpt from a Forbes article.  This article discusses the upward swing in women making financial decisions.  While historically men have been the ones making financial planning decisions, both in terms of their careers and their own households, education and the growing number of financial resources have contributed to statistics that show more women are making financial decisions, and good ones at that.  Several differences between the genders, including emotional intelligence, are cited as reasons women are poised to continue to hold a strong upward career trajectory as financial advisors.

Stereotypically and historically, finances — in terms of planning for and providing money — had been the job of the man. Well, data shows that this trend is not just reversing — the pendulum has actually swung the other way, and it’s happening very quickly. Now, as a private client wealth manager, I’m noticing more than ever the need to plan specifically for women.

Read the full article here.

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