Lauren Simmons the “Wolfette Of Wall Street” grew up in Marietta, Georgia, and studied medicine at Kennesaw State University. She was motivated to go into medical research or become a genetic counselor to help people like her twin brother, who has cerebral palsy. But in her senior year, Simmons decided she wanted to be more hands-on in her career, so she focused on getting a job using her statistics minor.

She moved to New York in December 2016, right after graduating. With a hustle mindset, Simmons went to over 100 job interviews. Three months later, she applied for a job at Rosenblatt Securities,  where she was told she was overqualified. Gordon Charlop, the firm’s managing director and partner, reached out to her on LinkedIn and convinced her to interview for a floor trader position. She was hired and only had one month to study and take the Series 19 exam, a test all floor brokers must pass. It was stressful and Lauren studied intensely. She passed on the first try, much to the chagrin of naysayers.

Lauren made history as the youngest full-time female trader on Wall Street at age 22. She is the second African American woman equity trader since the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) was established in 1792. Lauren Simmons is one of a few women in history to occupy a trading role.

Lauren Simmons says the best advice that she can give to anyone trying to prepare for a career on Wall Street, especially women, is to not limit themselves.

You will limit yourself by listening to anyone but yourself. “  – Lauren Simmons

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