Ten Things Every Hiring Manager Is Looking For

Oct 26, 2016Interesting Articles

Below is an excerpt from a Forbes article.   We recommend reading this article to not only learn the ten things that hiring managers are looking for, but how to incorporate them in a job interview as well as how to generate insightful ideas and questions to ask the hiring manager in order to better your outcome as a job-seeking candidate.

Too many job-seekers slog through the steps without asking questions and without looking closely at the jobs they’re pursuing. That’s not good, because if you take yourself off the  talent market to accept a job before you’ve done your research, you  may regret it.


Job-seekers who go through the motions in the hiring process without doing due diligence are often disappointed that the job didn’t  live up to their expectations.


You have a voice. Use it!



Read the full article here

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