Arthur Wang: Larry Fink as Commencement Speaker is a Fitting Real-World Choice

Apr 26, 2016Interesting Articles

Below is an excerpt from a DAILYBRUIN  article.  Find out why the CEO of BlackRock, Larry Fink, was chosen to speak at UCLA’s graduation as well as some interesting facts about BlackRock, an asset management firm that watches over 7% of all financial assets in the world!

So who the heck is Larry Fink, and why was he selected to speak in front of thousands of UCLA College of Letters and Science graduates this June?

The better question to ask, though, is not why, but how. How does the CEO of BlackRock, an asset management firm that controls $4.6 trillion – an astounding sum that is larger than the 2015 U.S. national budget – have time to do this, and how do so few of us know about one of the most powerful men on Earth? If commencement speeches are supposed to be send-offs to the rest of our lives, he is perhaps the perfect candidate, because he is a living reminder of how in “real life,” faceless firms and shifting stock markets hold ultimate sway over our lives.


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