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We Are Partnering With DAK Associates To Bring Career Opportunities To Student Participants

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Get in front of financial services professionals looking for interns and candidates for entry level jobs.  The hub is only available to students who have successfully completed this program, so after you complete the course, you will receive information on how to participate.

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Looking for qualified candidates for internships and entry level jobs? We’ve vetted them for you.  Access our Resume Hub to find your next workforce-ready employee.  Need help getting started?  Take a look at the workflow.

Insights from Steve Clark, President, DAK Associates

Steve Clark is the President of a firm that provides executive search services specifically for the financial services industry.  He knows what it takes to get hired, and if you are currently looking for an internship or job, or will be in the near future, it’s worth your time to hear what he has to say.  Trust us on this.

How does the Hub Work?

Hiring Trends by Steve Clark

Addressing the Talent Challenge

More About DAKDirect

Founded in 1979, DAK Associates is a “Top 100” retained executive search and consulting firm that exclusively serves the Financial Services community. Clients include Asset Managers (bulge-bracket & boutique), Wealth Managers, Broker-Dealers, Insurance Companies, Banks, and ancillary products and service providers in securing best-in-class professionals spanning institutional and intermediary sales, marketing, operations, investment management, and C-suite. Additionally the firm has built a cutting-edge capability in Diversity recruiting, Candidate Mapping, and Board recruiting.

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Companies with higher levels of gender diversity and with HR policies and practices that focus on gender diversity are linked to lower levels of employee turnover. 4

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