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Thank you for participating in the Envestnet Institute on Campus program and committing your time to helping students of the program be as successful as possible in completing the course and eventually starting their careers.  University Administrators are a vital part of students’ success, and we find that the more involved university administrators are, the more students complete the program, participate in the Resume and Internship Hub, and actively seek internships and jobs.

To make your role a bit easier, we have developed and curated materials that you can share with student participants.

Website This resource is constantly updated. Students can learn about the different offerings we have developed, such as the Resume Hub and the Women in Wealth Management Initiative.  We update this website often with interesting articles we believe would be beneficial reads for students, as well as video content we continue to develop.  All videos on the site can be downloaded and shared with students, or they can view them directly from the site.  In addition to these resources, we have provided several documents that can be used as handouts, and presentations you can use to show students the benefit of signing up for the program.


Program Benefits: This document describes the program’s mission statement, objectives, and curriculum, as well as highlights of the program. This overview can be used as a handout to students interested in participating in the program and its benefits.

Program Overview 1-Pager: This document can be used to provide a brief overview of the Envestnet Institute on Campus program. It includes the program description, highlights of the program, curriculum, course description, and sample session schedule.

Ways We Help Students: The Ways We Help Students handout serves to explain to students interested in taking the course how they will benefit from the program, what the time commitment is, and what student alumni have to say about the program.

Resume Hub Overview: One of our initiatives is a Resume Hub. This initiative gives graduates of the program the opportunity to get their experience and skills directly in front of hiring managers. This document explains how the Resume Hub works and shows a sample workflow of how the process works.

Hiring Trends:  This article discusses the current landscape for hiring in the Wealth Management space and can show students the potential opportunities within the industry. Written by Steve Clark, President of an executive search service specifically for the financial services industry.

Case Study: Read the case study on Hezekiah Ross to see how the Envestnet Institute on Campus can produce high-quality job candidates who have successfully completed the program.

Talent Challenge:  This one pager was created to explain why we are so passionate about this program, and how we plan to meet our mission. We typically share this document with industry leaders, but you may find it beneficial to share with other colleagues either within your university or at another one that has not yet signed up to participate in the program.

Speaker Events: One-hour interactive session for students focused on current career path opportunities in Wealth Management. We offer in-person or webex presentations to students from industry leaders to present their experiences, the current landscape of the industry, and options for potential career paths to students in the program. These events also give them a chance to ask questions and network with longtime industry executives.

Speaker Events Ad: You can fill in event details and display the advertisement on monitors or TVs to invite students to attend the event and learn more about the program.

University Video: Utilize this video to showcase the importance of the program, our mission, the challenges the industry is currently facing, and the features of the program.  Hear directly from industry executives, Envestnet Institute on Campus Leadership Team members, and program alumni.  We often use this video to appeal to industry leaders who may serve as program sponsors, but it is a well-rounded piece that is valuable to view across broad audiences, including student prospects and university officials.

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