Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

“Through the Envestnet Institute On Campus program, I was able to gain foundational knowledge about the wealth management industry. Access to the program’s career building resources helped me to secure a financial services internship for the summer. The additional self-study materials helped prepare me for a successful internship. The program combined with my interest in financial services allowed me to add a standout program to my resume and provided me with a talking point during interviews. It allowed me to display my interest in the industry and ultimately gave me that leg up when carrying on a successful interview. As a mechanical engineering major, I am not able to develop the business skills that some of my peers with business majors will learn in the classroom. The EIOC program was perfect and helped supplement my academic learning which will help me standout as a non-traditional major in the financial services industry.”

An EIOC Graduate

Prior to working at Envestnet | Yodlee, my knowledge of the financial services industry was very limited. While I had an internship the previous summer at a startup insurance company, I did not fully understand how the industry functioned. In addition, my university does not offer many finance classes. Therefore, I did not have a strong understanding of the fundamentals of finance. However, having the Envestnet Institute on Campus as a resource as soon as I began my internship at Envestnet deepened my understanding of finance and how it would directly relate to my work in data analytics over the summer. I am positive that the exposure that I gained through EIOC will help me throughout my internship in a variety of ways.
An EIOC Graduate

As a passionate student of the financial markets looking to expand my knowledge of the wealth management industry, I expected the program to only cover more technical terms as those I’ve been exposed to in finance courses and investment books; however, this was not the case. The Envestnet Institute on Campus offers a more abundant and wider preparation. The program itself was designed to be delivered in a very interactive way and captures essential vocabulary and terminology of the wealth management industry. It covers many useful terms, from investment strategies, client interaction and technology used in the subject to future trends that will impact the industry as a whole. As I progressed through the courses, there were many eye-openers and “aha!” moments. It was very rewarding to finally be able to connect all the finance terms I’ve previously learned and grasp an idea of their actual implementation in the field. It is indeed practical knowledge. Thank you for this great opportunity!
An EIOC Graduate

University Testimonials

Envestnet Institute On Campus provides our students not only with real world wealth management knowledge, but an additional job and internship network. Further, the additional certification allows them to better compete in an increasingly competitive job market. The partnership continues to yield nice dividends!
Peter Nigro, Ph.D.

Professor of Finance, Sarkisian Chair in Financial Services, Bryant University, Bryant University

Envestnet Institute on Campus has been a terrific introduction to wealth management for our students at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. Members of our Economics & Finance Advisory Board, many of whom are wealth managers themselves, hold the EIOC certification in high regard as they interview students for internships. The students appreciate what they are learning in the EIOC modules. One student described her experience as, “One of the most practical courses I have taken in my major and I recommend it to anyone hoping to break into the wealth management industry.”
Dr. Nivine Richie

Professor of Finance, Department Chair Economics and Finance, University of North Carolina Wilmington

Envestnet Institute On Campus has been a fantastic way to bring real-world application to campus. Students who participate in the program develop a competitive edge and create a direct pathway into the wealth management profession that only the EIOC could provide. All-in-all, the Envestnet Institute On Campus program adds tremendous value to the education of any student who participates.
Stewart Foley, CFA

Lecturer in Finance and Special Advisor on the Practice of Finance, Lake Forest College

Industry Leader Testimonials

I was already a fan of the program, but seeing the kids respond to your insights really reinforced what Dean Naatus and I believe to true…incredible opportunities are there for these kids but they really need help seeing the path and building the confidence to take it…
Michael P. McGrath, Adjunct Professor, Saint Peter's University

Executive Vice President, Thalēs Trading Solutions LLC

What we are trying to do is bring in younger people who are knowledgeable about the industry itself. What we see is Envestnet Institute On Campus is actually doing that on our behalf. They’re screening out the people that we feel would be the most appropriate in the transition from college into the industry. We want to have people who are looking for a career as opposed to a job opportunity.





Paul Vladem

President, Associated Investor Services

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