Women, the World’s Greatest Emerging Market

Mar 27, 2017 | Interesting Articles, Women's Initiative

Below is an excerpt from a Washington Post article.  This article details the potential economic impact of the increasing number of women in business and finance, as well as what some of the largest financial corporations are doing to ensure they are part of the solution to the gender gap we are currently battling.

[Women] are bringing fresh leadership and innovative ideas to major companies like Bank of America, where women now comprise 40 percent of management and nearly 30 percent of the board. “We invest in women at all levels of our company because it is the only way to ensure we have the most talented teams we need to work with our clients and to operate in the communities we serve,” said Brian Moynihan, the bank’s CEO.

Read the full article here.

Embracing Diversity In The Industry

Frank Paré is the 2018 President of the Financial Planning Association and president and founder of PF Wealth Management Group in Oakland, California. Paré wrote a noteworthy op-ed for FinancialPlanning on what the industry can gain from fostering and prioritizing...

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