Do These 5 Emotionally Intelligent Things Within 5 Minutes of Meeting Someone

Jul 25, 2017Finding A Job, Interesting Articles

Below is an excerpt from a Fast Company article.  This article discusses the value of others finding you likable.  In networking situations, oftentimes you only have a few minutes to make a good first impression and leave the other party with the desire to further cultivate your relationship.  Learn five tricks to coming across as likable during your first interactions with people.

Finally, emotionally intelligent people reinforce the likability they’ve banked during first impressions by remembering a few key details later on. The names of a new acquaintance’s partner, kids, even the pets they have or that vacation recommendation they shared—that’s all useful information to refer back to the next time you see them. It’ll help you stand out in their memory, and make them look forward to connecting with you again—because for some reason or other, they find that they just like you

Read the full article here.

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