On the most-recent edition of “Walk the Talk,” Bloomberg’s Jordyn Holman discussed Goldman Sach‘s diversity initiatives with Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu and Lisa Abramowicz on “Bloomberg Markets.”

Approximately 40 percent of entries into Goldman’s junior employee class are women, but the firm only has two women on its executive team. Data shows, the bank is bringing in women but at the same time isn’t seeing them emerge as executives at the end of the pipeline.

CEO, Lloyd Blankfein is rumored to step down from his post as early as this year, but for the front-runner, David Solomon, “there is a retention issue,” Holman said. If chosen, Solomon will look to fix that through mentorship and sponsorship programs.

“Goldman wants to hire internal candidates… internal candidates become CEO. So that’s why it’s important to retain those women they’re bringing in.”

– Jordyn Holman, Bloomberg

Pushing for Progress in Diversity