Today’s generation of women are taking on the challenges of this millennium with “uncommon vigor and creativity” writes Investopedia’s Marguerita Cheng. She continues to detail that time spent managing family, career, and education are ways that are transforming how the next generation lives and works.

Yet, as women begin taking a more active role in investing, their footprint is making a noteworthy impression on wealth management as well as impact investing.

Impact investing has emerged into a multi-billion market over the past few years and the Global Impact Investing Network anticipates that market to “swell to $500 billion by 2020.” Connecting and engaging Generation X and Millennial women will have an especially significant role in the success of impact investments.

“Women search for products and companies with connections to what is important to them. They are more likely to engage with brands where issues of social responsibility and the environment are prioritized. That’s not only influencing how women invest, but how companies give back.”

– Marguerita Cheng, Investopedia

The Rising Female Influence