Envestnet was among the discussion of many at Bryant University over the past week as the Office of Alumni Engagement hosted an event featuring a member of both communities.

Speaking at this event was Bryant alumna, Eileen Hayes ’07, Vice President of Asset Manager Relationship Management for Envestnet.

The event, in partnership with the Envestnet Institute On Campus and the newly formed organization, Smart Women was an evening cocktail reception at District Hall – the world’s first free-standing public innovation center.

At Envestnet, Hayes is responsible for deepening relationships with asset managers across the Envestnet suite of services and ensuring that these managers have the tools, training and knowledge they need to be successful distributors throughout the Envestnet ecosystem. Her duties include identifying best-in-class managers for Envestnet’s platform, facilitating strategic engagement with asset managers and advocating industry best practices.

Hayes received her Bachelor’s in Finance from Bryant and served in roles such as President of Student Senate and Chair of the Regional Alumni Council both in New York and Massachusetts.

Bryant University has participated in the Envestnet Institute On Campus since the eLearning program launched in the spring of 2015. The University has more than 130 graduates who have completed the course as of the end of 2017.