Kimberly Beck, Vice President of Advisor Education at Envestnet explains in her most recent LinkedIn article how a visit to her alma mater’s Career Day benefited her more than she would originally have thought.

“About halfway through, a graduate a few years ahead of me, Donna, introduced herself. I realized that I remembered her — a member of the student council; very smart; well-liked by everyone, including all the nuns; and she dated my friend’s brother, whose family also loved her.”

Beck details her post-presentation conversation with Donna, whose life circumstances molded her from financial advisee to financial advisor.

“Donna credits her financial advisor with giving her not only the financial support, but the emotional support she needed at that time. Once Donna had a solid financial plan in place to help ensure she and her children would be financially secure, her thoughts turned to planning her own future and reigniting her career.”

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