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Congratulations on completing the required course work and tests for the Envestnet Institute on Campus program! You will receive a badge of completion as an email attachment after you submit your resume and complete the profile form below for the Resume and Internship Hub. 

Why submit your resume to be included in the Resume and Internship Hub?
Submitting your resume will help to get you in front of financial services professionals looking for interns and candidates for entry-level jobs. 

  • To participate, please complete the following profile.
  • Submit your resume via email to Katy Yocom at [email protected]
  • Once your profile and resume is processed, they will be available to any firm looking to fill an internship or entry-level position within the industry.

Please note:  Participation is the resume database is not a guarantee that you will be placed in an internship or entry-level position. Please continue to pursue any and all opportunities available through your universities, other online databases and connections made through networking.


The program’s Resume and Internship Hub exclusively brings talented young professionals to Asset Management and Wealth Management firms looking to fill internships and entry-level positions.


Take a look at Steve Clark’s video; an executive recruiting professional, to hear his insights from the financial services industry.


Companies with higher levels of gender diversity and with HR policies and practices that focus on gender diversity are linked to lower levels of employee turnover. 4

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