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Thank you for participating in the Envestnet Institute on Campus program and committing your time to ultimately advance your career before it begins. Students are a vital part of the program’s success and we find that the more involved students are, the more it benefits their success. From participation in the Resume Hub to reading selected Articles of Interest, the options are endless.

To better understand the program and its offerings, we have curated materials that you can view and share.

Program Resources

Ways We Help Students: The Ways We Help Students handout serves to explain to students interested in taking the course how they will benefit from the program, what the time commitment is, and what student alumni have to say about the program.

Resume Hub Overview: One of our newer initiatives is a Resume Hub, powered by DAKdirect. This initiative gives graduates of the program the opportunity to get their experience and skills directly in front of hiring managers. This document explains how the Resume Hub works, details why we partnered with DAKdirect for this initiative, and shows a sample workflow of how the process works.

Women in Wealth Management Whitepaper: There are an array of career options in wealth management for college grad women. Fiserv’s Cheryl Nash shares a view of today’s investor landscape and explores the trends prompting firms to invite young talent into the industry. There are proactive steps students should consider along with opportunities to explore that can help position for an advantage, and even, lead to a great job.

Case Study: Read the case study on Hezekiah Ross to see how the Envestnet Institute on Campus can produce high-quality job candidates who have successfully completed the program.

Professional Resources

Guide to a Great Resume: Everybody wants their resume to be noticed. This presentation will provide students with tips and tricks that will help them get into the interview room through utilization of best practices for your resume, all from industry leaders.

Building a Great LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the number one website for professional networking and career development. This set of slides will overview the basics and getting started on LinkedIn in order to set your profile apart.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn: LinkedIn will provide many benefits to you as you begin your professional career. This handout provides some tips and tricks that will take your profile one step further… ultimately increasing your chances of getting hired!

University Video: Utilize this video to showcase the importance of the program, our mission, the challenges the industry is currently facing, and the features of the program.  Hear directly from industry executives, Envestnet Institute on Campus Leadership Team members, and program alumni.  We often use this video to appeal to industry leaders who may serve as program sponsors, but it is a well-rounded piece that is valuable to view across broad audiences, including student prospects and university officials.
Women in Wealth Management Video: In this video, Cheryl Nash, Envestnet Institute on Campus Leadership Team Member and pioneer behind our Women in Wealth Management Initiative, discusses how Envestnet Institute on Campus is helping achieve greater diversity in the industry and preparing college students get ready for opportunities with education and guidance.

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FundFire is offering our students a complimentary subscription for four months.

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The Envestnet Institute On Campus is pleased to present our third annual report with data ending June 30, 2020. We continue to inspire the next generation and through the growth and expansion of the program since inception in 2015, we are proud to show stakeholders our success and the progress of its efforts.

How Cheryl Nash Keeps Moving Forward as a Fintech Star

By Ginger Szala | April 22, 2020 Cheryl Nash, CEO of Tegra118, began her career as an intern at the same firm which — several iterations later —  she now runs. A graduate in communications at Eastern Illinois University, Nash got an internship at Security APL, an...

5 Things to Consider If You Want to Re-imagine Your Career for an Uncertain Future

While you may not be able to change your government, your boss, or the economy, you can always do something to improve yourself and your career. Here are the right questions to ask to get started. read more>

The Right Move Into This New Direction

By Lydia Tomkiw April 15, 2020 Citadel, AQR Go Virtual with Events, Recruiting............ Covid-19’s transformation of the work environment is pushing some of the market’s largest hedge funds – including Citadel and AQR Capital Management – to go digital and virtual....

Where Are They Now?

~Meet Aarya Rijal~ A 2019 graduate of Envestnet Institute On Campus.

How to Easily Invest in Your 20’s

By Josh Patoka on April 25 What’s easier? Starting to invest 10% of your paycheck when you first get a “real job” or having to find 20% when you turn 30 after you are already in the habit of spending that money on other life expenses like student loans, vacations, or...


Companies with higher levels of gender diversity and with HR policies and practices that focus on gender diversity are linked to lower levels of employee turnover. 4

We have an obligation and a responsibility to be investing in our students and our schools. We must make sure that people who have the grades, the desire and the will, but not the money, can still get the best education possible.

~Barack Obama



Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.
~Albert Einstein


The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.
~B.B. King