Student Toolkit


Thank you for participating in the Envestnet Institute on Campus program and committing your time to ultimately advance your career before it begins. Students are a vital part of the program’s success and we find that the more involved students are, the more it benefits your success. From participation in the Resume and Internship Hub to reading the EIOC blog, the options are endless.

To better understand the program and its offerings, we have curated materials that you can view and share.

Program Resources

Ways We Help Students:  The Ways We Help Students handout serves to explain to students interested in taking the course how they will benefit from the program, what the time commitment is, and what student alumni have to say about the program.

Download (PDF, 1.05MB)

Resume Hub Overview:   One of our initiatives is a Resume and Internship Hub, powered by DAKdirect. This initiative gives graduates of the program the opportunity to get their experience and skills directly in front of hiring managers. This document explains how the Resume and Internship works, details why we partnered with DAKdirect for this initiative, and shows a sample workflow of how the process works.

Download (PDF, 921KB)

Women in Wealth Whitepaper: There are an array of career options in wealth management for college grad women. Fiserv’s Cheryl Nash shares a view of today’s investor landscape and explores the trends prompting firms to invite young talent into the industry. There are proactive steps students should consider along with opportunities to explore that can help position for an advantage, and even, lead to a great job.

Download (PDF, 518KB)

Case Study: Read the case study on Hezekiah Ross to see how the Envestnet Institute on Campus can produce high quality job candidates who have successfully completed the program.

Download (PDF, 64KB)


Professional Resources

Guide to a Great Resume: Everybody wants their resume to be noticed. This presentation will provide students with tips and tricks that will help them get into the interview room through utilization of best practices for your resume, all from industry leaders.

Download (PDF, 268KB)

Building a Great LinkedIn: LinkedIn is the number one site for professional website for networking and career development. This set of slides will overview the basics and getting started on LinkedIn in order to set your profile apart.

Download (PDF, 5.07MB)

Optimizing Your LinkedIn: LinkedIn will provide many benefits to you as you begin your professional career. This handout provides some tips and tricks that will take your profile one step further… ultimately increasing your chances of getting hired!

Download (PDF, 782KB)

Multimedia Resources

University Video: Hear directly from industry executives, Envestnet Institute on Campus Leadership Team members, and program alumni. We often use this video to appeal to industry leaders who may serve as program sponsors, but it is a well-rounded piece that is valuable to view across broad audiences, including student prospects and university officials.

Women in Wealth Management Video: In this video, Cheryl Nash, Envestnet Institute on Campus Leadership Team Member and pioneer behind out Women in Wealth Management Initiative, discusses how Envestnet Institute on Campus is helping achieve greater diversity in the industry and preparing college students get ready for opportunities with education and guidance.

Stay Informed!

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FundFire is offering our students a complimentary subscription for four months.

Get Hired!


Steve Clark and DAK Associates are partnering with us to highlight students that have completed the program and are pursuing entry level positions in the industry.

The Program's Growth

We proudly published its first-ever Annual Report in March 2018. After much success since inception in 2015, we are  thrilled to show stakeholders the progress of our efforts.

Envestnet Institute On Campus Hosts Webinar on Intentional Hiring with DAKdirect

On October 25th, the Envestnet Institute On Campus and DAKdirect hosted a webinar led by Jim Seuffert and Steve Clark to discuss how it is time to create intentional hiring.  he Envestnet Institute on Campus program has trained over 1,500 students on Wealth Management...

Investment Management And Financial Planning Are Not The Same

Here’s a great article from Forbes on the true value of financial planning – and the ways in which it differs from investment management. Click for...

5 Misconceptions About Networking

Networking can be vitally important to our careers in many ways. This article from Harvard Business Review debunks some pervasive myths that might be holding you back from engaging with others within your industry. Click the Image for Full...

The Massive Millennial Shake Up in Traditional Wealth Management

The emergence of so many affluent millennials participating in the market is starting to change the way the wealth management industry approaches them. "...with new expectations around satisfying needs and terms of engagement, they have increasing wealth and different...

Can Technology Help Boomers Manage Their Finances?

With wealth management becoming increasingly digital, many within the industry still view this advancement as solely geared toward millennials. Much to the contrary, wealth management technology could serve Baby Boomers just as much as younger generations. Fox...


This program expanded my knowledge and understanding of the topic of wealth management above what I was taught in class.

- An EIOC Student Participant



I was unsure if I would be a good fit for the wealth management industry, but after seeing the different types of career opportunities and basic functions, I believe that I could have a great career in wealth management.

- An EIOC Student Participant



The handouts were extremely helpful! I learn by looking at materials in front of me and not just watching a video, so having them was great! The tests were not too hard but not too easy and covered a good range of what was talked about in each class. Very helpful and educational!

- An EIOC Student Participant



I always wanted to gain a better understanding on wealth management.  As a result of completing this course, I feel more enthusiastic about lifelong learning in this field.

- An EIOC Student Participant


Material is concise and relevant. So far I couldn’t be enjoying this course more. No wasted time and lots of great information.

- An EIOC Student Participant



As a graduate of the program, I am excited to see its growth. I credit much of my success in the wealth management industry to this amazing program. Thank you all for the work you do!

- An EIOC Student Participant



As a senior, I have not yet been introduced to these basic investment strategies. This program will be a big help in the future.

- An EIOC Student Participant



This course was very helpful in not only reviewing basic information but providing a more in-depth overview of managed accounts.

- An EIOC Student Participant



After taking the course, I realized I have the necessary foundation to further explore my career path in the asset management industry. I enjoyed the user friendly interface, as well as the interactive videos of each class. The detailed, real world explanations of the concepts proved to be the most beneficial element of the course since I gained a more thorough understanding of the professionals’ day to day tasks.

- An EIOC Student Participant