Frequently Asked Questions



Why should I become a sponsor?

By becoming a sponsor, your firm is making a measurable difference in an established initiative to solve our industry's talent gap.

Each sponsor has its own distinctive identity within the program itself, e.g. the opportunity to provide content.

How do I become a sponsor?

Since our objective is a limited number, each prospective sponsor works with the EIOC board member to find their best fit within the program.

Prospective sponsors typically bring multiple constituencies to a conference call, inclusive of their firm's marketing department, senior management, human resources, and individuals involved in a community or industry outreach program.

What are some examples of sponsor's responsibilities?

Sponsor responsibilities can be tailored to meet the objectives of the sponsoring firm, Some potential responsibilities include but are not limited to: acting as a board member for the EIOC, contributing distinct content for student advancement, setting the initiative strategy moving forward, helping raise funds beyond sponsor obligations, and hiring EIOC students for internships and jobs,

What types of firms are you looking for as sponsors?

Inclusive, but not limited to, asset management firms, FinTech firms, broker-dealers, and any major custodian in our industry.

What is the ideal number of sponsors the EIOC is hoping for?

We are looking for a selective group, between six and eight firms, to financially support this initiative and play an active role in its governance.

What is the cost of being an EIOC sponsor?

Typical funding is between $50,000 and $75,000 annually per sponsor, with a minimum three-year commitment.

Can I add additional colleges and universities to the program as a sponsor?

Yes, we encourage each sponsor to bring additional colleges and universities to the program.

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