Frequently Asked Questions (University)


Why should my university participate?

The wealth and asset management industry is moving rapidly. EIOC serves as the perfect complement to business school curriculums, allowing students to gain insight into today's products, trends and practices in the wealth and asset management industry. Increased knowledge surrounding current job opportunities alone will provide added value to your students.

We are not currently a part of the program, how do we get involved?

First, explore the EIOC website.

Next, have whomever the university deems to be the appropriate party or parties set up a 30-minute introductory call with us. You can contact us here. 

What are the responsibilities of the participating university?

First and foremost, have a professor, career counselor, and/or several students review the course materials.

Next, use our University Resources to self-select materials to promote the program on your campus.

Lastly, assign a university representative (this could be a student, officer in the student finance club, career counselor, professor, etc.) to receive bi-weekly student progress reports and monitor the program to completion.

What is the cost structure of the program?

EIOC is an industry-wide sponsored initiative with no cost to the student or the university.

How do we ensure the continuing success of the program on our campus?

Maintain continued contact with us, including phone calls and sharing how your university is finding success with EIOC.

Encourage students to take advantage of all that is offered through the program, inclusive of the Resume Hub, FundFire, and use of optional training modules.

How does EIOC promote our students for jobs and internships?

One of the advantages of Envestnet Institute On Campus is our constant communication and contact with the advisor and wealth and asset management community.

Graduates of the EIOC program are promoted to prospective employers through industry publications and career networking events held by our industry sponsors.

Which areas of the university do you typically interact with?

This varies with each school. We work with whomever the school feels is the best fit for us to interact with. This can be someone in the career services department or  the dean’s office, professors in the business school, members of the student finance club, etc.


What types of reporting will the school receive? How often will we receive it?

The university will receive bi-weekly reports detailing each student's progress towards course completion.

How often do you communicate with us?

Typically, every two weeks via email detailing your specific students' progress.

Are marketing materials provided?

Yes,  A toolkit is available in University Resources.

Do the students have to be finance/business majors?

No, we encourage all types of majors to participate. Sample majors include: Finance, Economics, Accounting, Marketing, Communication, as well as non-business related majors.

Can we have more that 25 seats in the program per session?

We are flexible in the number of additional seats per university. Please contact us to discuss further.

What information do we need to enroll students in the program?

Student names and email addresses.

Is there a summer program?

There is a limited summer program available. Please contact us for details.

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