Seven Tips for Acing the Series 7 and Other Financial Exams

Jun 3, 2016Interesting Articles

Below is an excerpt from a efinancialcareers article.  Check out the pointers Brian Marks, managing director of New York-based FINRA Licensing Exam preparation firm, Knopman Marks Financial Training, believes will help you make it through the Series 7 exams.

Success in the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s General Securities Representative Exam, more commonly known as Series 7, is fundamental to anyone wishing to work in the investment industry in the United States. Before you can sell securities, you need to pass the test. Fail, and you could lose your job – the pressure is on.


The good new is that – unlike the CFA exams where only 46% of candidates make the grade – around 65% of those taking the Series 7 pass”. But there’s clearly still room to falter.


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