Mentee Testimonials

Mentee Testimonials

Completing the Envestnet Institute On Campus program before starting at BlackRock helped to make the learning curve feel less steep. Having a baseline knowledge of the asset management industry boosted my confidence to be a vocal contributor on my team and kickstarted my desire to continuously seek out opportunities to be a student of the market, industry, and firm. Through the Women in Wealth Management’s Mentorship Program, I was able to lean on my mentor for guidance and advice during that critical first year of my career when I began building my professional brand. She used her expertise to help me brainstorm my career goals and formulate a plan to work towards them.

Allie D, Villanova University

Associate, Separately Managed Account Specialist, BlackRock

The Women’s Mentoring Program has been so invaluable. With my mentor’s help I received a full-time offer to join The Blackstone Group to work with their Private Wealth Solutions Team. This experience proved instrumental to the beginning of my career in finance.


Jenna F, Fordham University

Private Wealth Solutions Analyst, The Blackstone Group

The mentorship that I formed through the Women in Wealth program was instrumental in helping me make the decision to accept my employment offer from PwC. Christine’s accessibility through email and phone was an invaluable support system. Even though Christine’s area was different from mine, her outside perspective and advice provided me with unique insights that I will carry with me far beyond college.
Christine M, Villanova

Assurance Intern, PwC