Mentoring Program

The Women in Wealth Management Leadership Team is excited to launch a mentoring program for women that have completed the requirements of Envestnet Institute on Campus program.  The program is by invite-only for students who are planning to  graduate in May 2018.

Objective and Purpose

The objective of the Women in Wealth Management Mentoring Program is to connect students interested in the Asset and Wealth Management industry with seasoned veterans of the industry. Mentors will offer insights and provide guidance to students so that they can continue to learn more about the industry and possible channels for careers. The purpose of the Program is to help young women learn more about the industry opportunities in the wealth management industry. With the guidance of their mentor, they can begin preparing to apply for jobs in the field.

The Program also serves as an opportunity for reverse mentorship, whereby the students can offer fresh perspectives and ideas to the mentor. Students can share communication trends in social media and other emerging technologies. Reverse mentoring also provides the chance for senior executives to get an understanding of what is important to younger workers and potentially bring that back into their business.


Determining defined and clear goals will give the relationship a clear direction and purpose. Take the time in the beginning of the relationship for both the mentor and mentee to discuss what benefits they are looking to obtain from the pairing. Here are some steps you can take to creating relationship goals:


  1. Determine what you are looking to get out of the relationship (i.e. competency development, career advancement, leadership skills development, gain knowledge in a particular topic area, etc.)
  1. Set reasonable benchmarks and the steps you can take to continue to work towards your ultimate goal
  1. Discuss what challenges you may face on your way to achieving your goal and how you can best prepare to work around them (i.e. availability of advancement opportunities, need to further your formal education, length of time needed to develop a new skill or competency)
  1. Implement the benchmarks into your mentorship timeline by determining meeting topics of conversation and homework

Mentor Relationship Timeline

The 2017-2018 Envestnet Institute on Campus’ Women in Wealth Management Mentoring Program involves active participation of both the mentor and mentee over a 10 month period. Participants will join the program in August 2017 and “graduate” in May 2018. At the beginning of each season, mentoring pairs should talk about goals, determine topics of conversation, and discuss the best means of communication for the months that follow. At the close of each meeting, the pair can define actions to accomplish for the next meeting that will bring both closer to reaching the identified goals. It is expected that mentors will actively engage with their mentees on a monthly basis until that date and it is our hope that the relationship will continue to evolve after graduation. 

 Topics of Conversation

Make the most of your mentor/mentee relationship by determining compatibility and establishing chemistry early-on. We suggest these conversation topics to kick-start and grow the relationship

  • Industry news and “hot topics”
  • Industry challenges and opportunities
  • Career goals and progression
  • Determining the right corporate culture fit
  • How to adjust to changes in employer, role, and responsibilities
  • Continuing education recommendations
  • Achieving work/life balance
  • Plan and managing your finances after college
  • Getting involved with “extracurricular activities” after graduation

Mentee Responsibilities

  • Schedule and initiate monthly engagements either via phone call, Skype, or in-person meetings
  • Adhere and come prepared to scheduled calls and in-person meetings
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times
  • Offer new, innovative insight on industry challenges
  • Ask questions and proactively contribute
  • Serve as a sounding board for ideas
  • Accept feedback and coaching
  • Take advantage of opportunities presented by the mentor and follow through on the mentor’s guidance and assignments
  • Create LinkedIn page and professional resume
  • Submit resume and profile to Resume and Internship Hub

Mentor Responsibilities 

  • Schedule and initiate the monthly catch-up calls and in-person meetings (if applicable)
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times
  • Act as a resource for information about the industry and the opportunities available to entry level employees
  • Help the mentee develop skills and knowledge necessary to begin a fulfilling career
  • Serve as a sounding board for ideas
  • Offer support, advice, and constructive feedback
  • Take advantage of opportunities presented by the mentee
  • Provide guidance to the mentee on networking best practices and how to build a professional network
  • Welcome a reverse mentor relationship

Registration for the 2017-2018 program is closed.  If you would like additional information, please email Tricia Baxter.

This program expanded my knowledge and understanding of the topic of wealth management above what I was taught in class.

- Student Participant

I was unsure if I would be a good fit for the wealth management industry, but after seeing the different types of career opportunities and basic functions, I believe that I could have a great career in wealth management.

- Student Participant

The handouts were extremely helpful! I learn by looking at materials in front of me and not just watching a video, so having them was great! The tests were not too hard but not too easy and covered a good range of what was talked about in each class. Very helpful and educational!

- Student Participant

I always wanted to gain a better understanding on wealth management.  As a result of completing this course, I feel more enthusiastic about lifelong learning in this field.

- Student Participant

It helped me during interviews.

- Student Participant

Material is concise and relevant. So far I couldn’t be enjoying this course more. No wasted time and lots of great information.

- Student Participant

As a graduate of the program, I am excited to see its growth. I credit much of my success in the wealth management industry to this amazing program. Thank you all for the work you do!

- Student Participant

As a senior, I have not yet been introduced to these basic investment strategies. This program will be a big help in the future.

- Student Participant

This course was very helpful in not only reviewing basic information but providing a more in-depth overview of managed accounts.

- Student Participant

After taking the course, I realized I have the necessary foundation to further explore my career path in the asset management industry. I enjoyed the user friendly interface, as well as the interactive videos of each class. The detailed, real world explanations of the concepts proved to be the most beneficial element of the course since I gained a more thorough understanding of the professionals’ day to day tasks.

- Student Participant