Frequently Asked Questions (Prospective Employer)


Why should I hire an EIOC graduate?

EIOC graduates are motivated students who have opted to take this course, in their own time, in addition to their usual classwork.

Many of the EIOC graduates have already had summer internships within the asset and wealth management industry.

Given their training through the program, EIOC graduates are likely to know the basics of many jobs within the industry, as well as know which jobs they prefer.

What are the benefits of using the DAK Resume and Internship Hub?

DAK takes the burden off the employer of having to interface with each student interested in a possible position.

Since DAK represents the asset and wealth management industry, since they have a distinctive handle on the types of jobs and requirements for new hires.

Students say they enjoyed working with DAK as the middle man, making a connection between the student personality and the personality of the employer.

DAK will also be involved in resolving student relocation issues, background checks, as well as salary consultation, if needed.

How do I initiate a search through DAK?

The process begins with a conversation with dedicated EIOC personnel from DAK. From there, they will take your specific requirements and utilize their database to show the viable candidates.

How specific can I be in my search requirements?

During your conversation with DAK, you may detail the specifics of your hiring requirements.

What are some examples of specific skill sets EIOC graduates possess and jobs they are suited to?

Sample skill sets: analytical skills, writing skills, marketing skills, project management skills, technology skills, portfolio management skills, and personal financial planning skills.

Sample jobs: internal service desk, operations, portfolio design, junior analyst, digital marketing associate, and associate for RIAs.

Will there be prospective employees for me to hire even if there is not an EIOC affiliated university near me?

Yes, we have found that for the most part, students are very mobile and willing to relocate.

Keep in mind, EIOC is constantly expanding geographically.

What is the cost of hiring through DAK?

$500 for an internship hire and $1,000 for an entry-level hire.

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